Joshua\'s favorite new saxophone ensemble, The Sourdough Saxtet.

Dr. Bronner\'s company is the kind that can sva our planet, and us! and the soap is awesom...refill all your old hand soap squirter\'s with, fair trade, no genetically modified crap...

Here\'s a documentary about Joshua(

Somebody put our Killing For Oil( song on youtube

Ye Brethren of The Ancient and Honorable Order of E. Clampus Vitus click here.

The Sons would like it to be known that Paul Shambles\' brother Nathan is also in a band called Blue Truth.

We, The Sons of EMPEROR NORTON, wholeheartedly endorse the following bands: Loose Gravel, Lincoln Adler and Times 4, The Shut-ins, Poor Man\'s Whiskey, Red Meat, Gayle Lynn and the Hired Hands, The Jeb Brady Band, Eva\'s N R Element, and Resin.

Some of our favorite places to play are the Jack Douglass Saloon in Columbia, The Bistro in Hayward, and . There\'s also a cool bar at the end of Taravel in San Francisco called The Riptide.

Check out what\'s going on in the Bay Area Twang scene.

The Sons have hand-picked some politicking sites for you. Try Topple Bush, Democracy Now, Air America or The Coastal Post News.

Remember the robot on Lost in Space? Now you can build your own B9!

Scotty Moore was Elvis\' guitarist.

And now a word from our sponser...The body\'s first line of defense is a healthy colon. The Sons of EMPEROR NORTON have been enthusiastically promoting Colon Hygiene since 1852.

Thank you. And now a plug for our recording engineer Robert Preston.

Here\'s a great online Americana/Twang radio station called Boot Liquor.

Here\'s Rockabilly Central, a great source for all things rockabilly, vintage country, and retro swing.

Need of some spiritual cleansing? The Church of Elvis awaits you...

Stand tall before The Man In Black...

Can\'t get enough of Ol\' E? Check out the ELVIS-A-RAMA EXPERIENCE...

And now for something completely different...

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bonanza but were afraid to ask. Dadburnit little buddy!

Check out the Elvis Professional Impersonators Association...

In Heaven everything is fine.

Learn more about Emperor Norton. First Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico...

David Lynch\'s Daily Weather Report..

The world according to General Phinneas C. Flabbergast.

Our illustrious bass player Stuart Scott Hoover put together his own version of a movin\' picture show. May I present to you, Ulysses S. Balzac\'s America!

Why, that\'s Amazing!!!

West of Next is an awesome western-swing/surf/jazz/folk band led by our good buddy David Shapireau. We often sub for each other on various gigs around the golden state and trade sets when we appear abroad, or when a broad actually appears at one of our gigs. That\'s amazing!!!

Lloyd Dangle is our hero!